If not NOW, when?

For years and years I’ve been wanting to start and maintain my own blog. For one reason or another I believed a “perfect” moment would magically come along and BAM my blog would be up and running just like that…HA. If the last few years of life have taught me anything (being a frequently moving family and all) it has taught me there is no such moment. Therefore I’m starting today by just putting my thoughts out in the blogosphere and going forward from there!

Recently I participated in a amazingly fun and much needed challenge to kickstart my creative juices called the: 30 Day Coloring Challenge (check it out here)!!! I absolutely loved this challenge and taking a few minutes to a hour or so of much needed “ME” time to color daily. Seriously this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time! Although I wasn’t able to make a card the majority of the challenge, I decided to save the pieces I was able to complete during the challenge and use them here! Starting tomorrow I plan on posting a completed card regularly (wish I could commit to daily but alas) from the 30 Day Color Challenge! Please join me as my creativity continues to unfold and develop and let’s get inky my friends😘



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